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June - 2nd Friday
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September - 3rd Saturday 10am
Pomeroy Living
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 Reading with "THE ANGELS"

mandk  The reading program was the inspiration of Martha Hall, founder of "The Fur Angels", and Kate Capion, Taylor schools reading teacher (pictured left). Both had the desire and motivation to reach out and help children learn to read. Together they joined forces to do just that with "Reading with the Angels". The therapy dogs are the ideal audience, providing a positive, non-intimidating and fun environment to a child who is just learning to read and struggling with new words. The dogs don't tease or rush the child as they read a story aloud at their own speed and proficiency. Instead of getting frustrated or embarrassed, the children read aloud with focus and confidence. Their fear is soon replaced by self-esteem and determination. Our reading program has been a motivator to encourage better reading skills and self confidence in children.

   The members of the "FUR ANGELS" who participate in this program must first go through extra training and be qualified to help with reading.  Members are supervised at all times in the schools and libraries. Please contact us if you are interested inlearning more about the work of the "FUR ANGELS". 

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Some facts about reading with dogs programs:

"Researchers in the US found that reading to dogs helped children improve their fluency by up to 30%.  Many animal organizations and libraries in the U.S. already have reading improvement programs where they pair up children and dogs". 

"The dogs, in contrast to humans, don't judge or grade the individual, allowing the children to build confidence in their reading skills."

Children told the researchers that:

"I feel relaxed when I am reading to a dog because I am having fun."
Another added that:
"The dogs don't care if you read really, really bad so you just keep going."

In addition to increased reading fluency, teachers have also noted:
     • Decreased absenteeism
     • Kids have improved self-confidence
        and self-esteem
     • Kids have a sense of pride in their
     • Kids become involved in other school activities
     • Kids have improved hygiene
     • Kids are gentler and have more respectful interactions with animals
     • Kids find reading fun and volunteer to read aloud in class
     • Kids check out books from the library and ask the librarian about books

 There are numerous articles written which document the advantages of having children read to dogs.  The facts listed come from the free encyclopedia, but there are also many other web sites that discuss the benefits.

Some of our Fur Angels hard at work:

Reading with the "ANGELS"Reading with the "ANGELS"Reading with the "ANGELS"